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Why Businesses Use Self Storage Facilities

As in many places across the US, self storage rental units help businesses make the day to day running of their operations just that little bit easier. Builders store their tools, offices their documents, retailers their stock and seasonal displays. In fact, there are self storage facilities available that cater to almost any kind of storage requirement, even perishable goods can be safely locked away through the use of environmentally controlled containers.

Costs start from around $75 a month, for which renters will normally receive a simple 5 foot by 5 foot container. This smaller units are normally used for storing business documents, particularly in the form of promotional material, though some individuals also use them for personal effects. Common business units used for storing stock or larger tools start at around $110 a month.

Of course the above prices are just a very rough guide of what you can expect to pay. Most business users want additional (costly) features added to their storage units, whilst on average facilities will literally only offer the bare essentials as standard. Common features that renters need but which aren't normally included in the basic price are:

* Container alarms

* Drive-up storage

* Environmentally controlled units (those that can be set at a constant temperature)

* Locks (some storage units require renters to put their own locks on containers)

* Insurance against loss or damages

* 24/7 Accessories

* 24/7 Security

Environmental controls, insurance and security can be particularly important for business owners who are using storage containers to help them manage their space issues. Most self storage rental facilities can offer these additional features, but they will come with an increased fee.

Indoor storage containers offer the best all round security for items, providing a mostly unchanging environment in which more delicate goods (such as papers and furniture) can be placed in relative safety. Outdoor storage facilities on the other hand are best used for more resilient possessions like tools, vehicles, RV's, and boats.

Self storage unit rentals aren't just available for businesses, anyone can use them when they find themselves needing a bit of extra space. Containers are normally rented out on a per month basis, with many homeowners taking advantage of the service provided when they need to carry out work around the house without their possessions getting in the way, whilst keeping them at a location relatively close to hand in case they need them.

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Top Five Reasons You Should Rent a Poughkeepsie Storage Unit to Clear the Clutter Before You Sell Your Home

Here are 5 reasons you should use self storage to de-clutter before putting your house on the market.

Show off your Space,

De-cluttering can really help you to utilize the space you have in your home. It’s one of the top things people are looking for when viewing a house to buy - how much space is there? If you’re taking up precious space with boxes and knick-knacks then you’re doing a disservice to the potential space your home has. Try to minimize your items and layout to make your space look bigger.

It keeps you Organized

If you do all of the hard work before you sell, then it will make it much easier for you when you’re moving into another property. De-cluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need can free up space and give you some extra cash in the kitty if you sell those unwanted items. You can stay organized and have less to move into your new home and less stress when you’re trying to organize what to take to your new property.

Clean and De-Personalize

When people view a clean and tidy home, it automatically makes the property more appealing. It helps people to visualize themselves living in the home you’re selling. When you clear personal photos and knickknacks, it is much easier for a new buyer to visualize their personal things in the home and that is what is important to them. Clean and tidy homes can highlight attractive points about the property and generally make things more spacious, light and airy.

Chance to Redecorate

Clutter might have been holding you back from redecorating some of the rooms in your home, so having a spring clean gives you the chance to redecorate too. Giving your house a lick of paint can work wonders, so clearing out things you don’t need gives you the space to make sure your property is in tip-top condition before potential buyers come to have a look around.

Uncover problems

Having a clear-out also uncovers problems or hazards you might not have spotted or have been hidden away. You don’t want to find problems at the last minute, so de-cluttering your property and ensuring it’s prepared for viewings means getting all the odd-jobs sorted and making sure everything is in order.

Make the house look as large and as tidy as it can possibly be, presentation is the key, especially in a market which may-be a little slower than we all might hope for, but doing this, will give you an advantage and the satisfaction of a job well done!

Self Storage in Poughkeepsie - 8 Tips to Help You Choose Right

Every American will have used a self-storage facility at least once in his or her lifetime. That shows how popular the concept of self storage is in this country. This business has flourished over the last couple of decades. Storage units are everywhere. Do your research to find a good self storage facility that meets your needs.

Here are 8 tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Why do you need a self-storage: Are you moving or down sizing your business? Your storage needs may be greater in either case. Each may have different requirements. 2. Determining size: Depending on what you will be storing, select the size of the unit. Many people make the mistake of renting to small of a unit and end up renting an second unit. Visit the facility and go with a unit that is enough for your needs.

3. Location: Always select a facility that is easily accessible. Renting a facility that is 10 miles further to save $10 per month will cost you more in the long run..

4. Access to your storage unit: If you are business owner storing your products in a storage unit you may need 24x7 access to your unit. This helps you to move the goods in and out whenever you need them.

5. Security: Go for trusted service providers provide recorded digital 24 hour video surveillance.

6. Competitive pricing: Most Self Storage facilities post all prices on the internet today. Shop around and get the best priced unit that fits your needs.

7. Climate Control: Most people today are looking for Climate Controlled space. Keep mold and decay from forming on your prized possessions.

8. Insurance: Most homeowner's and renter's policies cover your belongings while in storage. Check with your insurance carrier. If you do not have insurance, the facility may offer policies to cover your possessions while in storage for a small monthly fee.

With these things in mind, go ahead and checkout a few places and rent the unit that best fits your needs and budget.

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